Setting, Grinding and Inspection All in one Clamping

The TB200N is a precision tool grinding machine which in-corporates the necessary features required for the economical manufacture and re-grinding of a wide range of cutting tools made of PCD, PCBN, Tungsten Carbide and HSS. It presents best possible results for finnish grinding as well as with high material removal rates.

• Grinding the primary cutting edge, tip radius and secondary cutting edge without any setup change

• One-piece cast-iron base provide extra rigidity and minimize vibration

• Heavy duty swivel table pivots on 4 pieces precision angular contact bearing

• The oscillation is adjustable in position, stroke and frequency

• C.C.D camera with TV monitor and precision scale for easy setup & inspection during grinding

• Monitor scope with zoom system for adjustable from 15-120 magnification even 0.02 mm radius could be ground and inspected

• For workpieces, chucking with dia.3-26 mm including rotation motor, dividing workhead and dividing plate(24 division), other division on request.

• End mills, form tools, cutters, drills etc could be ground with Round Bar Grinding Attachment

• In order to get optimum stock removal rate, the grinding wheel spindle has variable speed permits to adjust the best cutting speed for the corresponding materials and the various wheel diameters.

• Quick clamping fixture for rapid clamping of tool

• Large Capacity coolant tank with filter for precision grinding

While the operator is working, he can see the work on the screen simultaneously and can see the tip on the screen and can do all adjustsments during sharpening. This way of working ensures the profile is created closer to the original one especially because the Bamboo type nervür tip profile is a combination of radius and angle.

With the Zoom Camera system, the image can enlarge 15-120 times on the screen. This feature provides the opportunity to gring even 0.02 mm radius. Different measuring scales can be used on the camera screen.

On the work head with a rotating motor, nervür tips can be sharpened in diameters between Ø3-26 mm. 23 pieces of ER Set Collets that come with the machine are required for the cutters to be connected to the machine.

For the sharpening of concave curves, it is necessary to have a special wheel according to the radius on the cutting tip to be sharpened. The radius on the profile is created by grinding with these wheels which has special forms. (Separate wheels must be made for PCD tips in K10 quality) When the wheels are used correctly, they can be sharpened at least 300 – 500 times until the stone profile deteriorates. Wheels can be supplied from companies that sell countertops or manufacture stones. The form of the wheels whose tip profile has deteriorated can be corrected again according to the deterioration situation.

In order to provide the required cutting speed of  wheels for different diameters and for different types of cutters, the spindle is designed speed adjustable.

The supply of cutting wheels with technical features suitable for the forms to be sharpened is as important as the supply of the machine. With the correct specification and form, you can sharpen all the nervür tips we use and the CBN 3R-4R tips are used on CNC lathes.