“Precision Sharpening”

TB-81 Tool Grinding Machine is specially designed for grinding and re-sharpening engraving and milling single-lip or multi-lip cutters in different shapes. A large variety of cutter profiles and tool shapes can be ground with best precision. Also, Radiused Cutters, Negative Taper Angle of Cutters, Multi-flute cutters, shaping and turning tools, can be re-sharpened easily. The Universal index head is provided at 12/24 positions so that any particular angle of shape can be obtained and End Mills teeths and outside diameter with 2 and 3 flutes can be easily re-sharpened. 360º and 180º rotation is allowed. Highly precise backlash-free fine adjustment system has 0.01mm reading accuracy. Modern and excellent ergonomic design obtains all user needs with high precision.

You can quickly and accurately grind; Ø3-30 mm Single Flute / Pantograph Cutting Tools, End Mills (Both Tooth and Gash), Twist-Drills between Ø 3-20 mm, Step Drills, Lathe Tools, Cutting tools in other prismatic forms, Polygon wedges, Centering cones, Punching dies, Tracer pins, etc.

We can also design special attachments for your special cutting tools with different structures.


Drill Grinding Attachment between Ø3-20 mm

End Mill OD Grinding Attachment

Prismatic Cutter Grinding Attachment

Wheel Balancing Attachment