“Tool Grinding is a Precise work !”

TB-86 Tool Grinding Machine can perform a wide variety of work. In addition to almost limitless application as a tool sharpener, the TB-86 can also be adapted to light cylindrical, surface and internal grinding operations.

A wide selection of attachments permits you to extend the versatility of the basic machine to suit your specific needs.

You can quickly and accurately grind; Drills between Ø5-25 mm (Twist-Drills, Tenth Drills, Step Drills, Bore Drills, etc.), Spiral End Mills (from tooth and gash), Side and Face Milling Cutters, Lathe Tools, Metal Slitting Saws, Diamond Circular Saws, Angular Milling Cutters, Hobs, Plain Cutters, Carbide Tipped Face Cutter, Straight and Conical Reamers, Taps, Ball Mills, Cutting Tools in other prismatic forms, a number of Cutting Tools (Diamond, HSS etc). We can design special attachments for your other general and special cutting tools.